About me

I am Targz, an artist who finds inspiration in the fusion of technology and creativity. With a background in creative coding, I embark on an artistic journey where the realms of imagination and technology intertwine.

As an artist, I thrive on the endless possibilities that coding provides, allowing me to breathe life into my creative visions. Through the use of algorithms and digital tools, I construct intricate patterns and visuals that captivate the senses. Guided by a passion for innovation, I constantly explore new techniques and push the boundaries of what is possible.

My Artistic Journey

Currently, my artistic journey is centered around generative art and pen plotting. I have built my very own pen plotter, a unique machine that is a testament to my dedication and tailored specifically to suit my artistic vision and requirements. 

My creative influences span across time and cultures. I draw inspiration from the early stage of generative art and computer art from the 1960s, as well as from ancient Arabic patterns, each with their own distinct allure. By merging elements of these influences, I strive to create artwork that is visually intriguing and engaging.

Sharing My Work

On top of my design and plotting endeavors, I am equally passionate about documenting my artistic journey through mesmerizing videos. Capturing the intricacies of my work, these videos provide a glimpse into my creative process, inspiration, and techniques. By sharing these captivating videos, I invite others to join me on this artistic exploration, inspiring and engaging them with the immersive world of colors, patterns, and the ever-evolving possibilities of artistic expression.

Join Me on My Journey

I am excited to share my work with the world and see what the future holds for my artistic journey. I invite you to join me on this journey, where the digital realm becomes a canvas for boundless expression.

Connect with Me

You can connect with me and discover more here -> bit.ly/m/targz

I hope you enjoy my work!