About Me

Hi, I'm Targz (pronounced "Tar-gz"), an artist diving into the constraints of bridging the digital with the physical world through a blend of coding and analog techniques.

Starting Point

I've always been intrigued by techniques, with a childhood steeped in Lego and a career in development that have paved the way for my artistic journey. I'm deeply inspired by pioneers of generative art from the 1970s like Vera Molnar and Bridget Riley. Their work with pen plotters has opened up new vistas for me, igniting my fascination with op art and patterns.

The Art of Code and Plot

My practice is deeply influenced by my love for abstract art. This interest is not just about how it looks but also about how my brain can find patterns and shapes through pareidolia.

In creating my pieces, I use my own software and a custom pen plotter in the research of a balance between randomness and deliberate design. This process involves curating the pieces, choosing the right pens, and the mix of colors. My background in development lets me adjust and experiment with my tools to better explore these patterns.

Chasing the Challenge

At the core of my work is the thrill of navigating the challenges posed by pen plotting. Each project comes with its own set of rules and hurdles, making the process a dynamic and enriching puzzle. It’s the balancing act—between the constraints and my creative aspirations—that fuels my continuous exploration in this medium.