About Me

Hello! I’m Targz, ever since I was a child, I've been captivated by the inner workings of machines. From disassembling toys to unraveling gadgets, I was on a quest to discover how things work. This lifelong fascination has been the undercurrent of my artistic journey, merging the precision of technology with the boundless realm of art.

My Artistic Journey

At the heart of my art lies generative art and pen plotting. This isn’t just a profession; it’s a personal odyssey that led me to construct my very own pen plotter. More than a mere instrument, this plotter is my companion in creativity, specifically engineered to manifest my artistic visions.

My inspirations are as eclectic as they are deep-rooted, spanning from the revolutionary world of 1960s computer art to the timeless beauty of ancient patterns. Each creation of mine is a conversation between these varied influences and my own modern interpretations.

Sharing My Work

Art, for me, is a shared experience. I've found joy in documenting the essence of my creations through mesmerizing videos. These visual narratives offer a glimpse into my realm – showcasing the rhythmic dance of my plotter, the evolution of each pattern, and the stories each piece whispers. Join me in this visual symphony, where technology, color, and pattern weave a canvas of infinite possibilities.

Connect with Me

Embark on a deeper exploration of my artistic universe by connecting with me here -> bit.ly/m/targz Look forward to behind-the-scenes glimpses, bursts of inspiration, and a journey into the soul of artistic innovation.