Pen Plotter

My artistic journey revolves around generative art for pen plotting. I've crafted my very own large pen plotter 🙂. It’s a unique machine capable of plotting all format up to A0 paper format. The machine is based on an OpenBuild Acro system frame that I have tweaked to my own needs.

Close up view of my pen plotter


The Heart of My Art

My trusty pen plotter, engineered to bring my artistic visions to life on up to A0 paper formats. From its 3D printed components to its versatility in handling various pens, it is at the core of every piece I create – each plot a narrative woven through lines and colors.

A Spectrum of Pens and Possibilities

The choice of pen in pen plotter art can dramatically alter the artwork's character. Whether it's the variable strokes of Parallel Pens, the vibrant hues of Molotow pump markers, or the elegance of Ecoline Watercolors, each pen adds a unique dimension to the artwork.

Parallel Pens

Parallel Pens are a key part of my toolkit, prized for their refillable design that aligns with my eco-friendly ethos. Their ability to create variable strokes based on movement direction has been instrumental in adding unique textures and styles to my art.

pen I use with me pen plotter

Molotow pump marker

Molotow pump markers shine in plots that demand vibrant colors and lasting impact. Their refillable nature supports sustainable art practices, while the range of available colors, especially the striking Gold and Liquid Chrome, adds a dynamic flair to my creations.