Printed Edition Drop #1

I have curated 3 of my all-time favorite pieces for my first print edition. Crafted from original pen plot art, these high-quality prints are offered in A3, A2, and A1 sizes. Extremely limited in quantity, each comes signed and an authenticity certificate to ensure you’re getting something truly special.

Pieces features in the drop

🪢 Figure-eight Knot

Inspired by the 70’s, this piece explores the mixing of simple watercolors and basic shapes. The overlapping creates patterns that I feel looks like a knotted figure-eight. It has been plotted in two paths, first in magenta, then in light blue.

Coming soon

♣️ Vinyl Impression n°1

This piece draws inspiration from the aesthetics of vinyl records, where music is etched into grooves.

Coming soon

👾 Amoeba

A bicolor exploration of organic lines, 'Amoeba' is a generative art piece featuring a collection of interconnected shapes that together form a design inspired by an amoeba.

Coming soon

Finishing Touch: Add a Frame

Opt for a framed finish; each piece comes with the option to add a frame.

Premium C-Type Fuji Prints

Each art piece is printed on high-quality C-Type Fuji paper, ensuring vibrant colors and exquisite detail.